Friday, 18 July 2014

Making progress have about 5 more rows to go and it will be approx 68 x 80.5"
after  working with the blocks again I realized why this became a ufo /wip
quilt.  I wasn't happy that I used ecology cloth.  This ecology cloth instantly gives your quilt that
antique look I love BUT it is very flimsy, thin, loosely weaved.
I know quite a few of you love this fabric.  I am not sure I want to put all the work of appliqué and then hand quilt the quilt and the fabric won't last for many years.  I am going to finish this quilt with out the appliquéd border as I had planned and just use it.
I will remake it using moda bella 9900-60 my favorite cream/white for backgrounds as originally planned at least then I know it will last for a long time.

you can see here how thin it is…

Enjoying reading this new book by Gwen Marston
Minimal Quiltmaking
published by AQS

Interesting to read, love seeing all her hand quilting  my favorite quilt in the book is the cover quilt!
NO patterns , just lots of inspiration for art style quilts.
I have been a huge Gwen fan for years!

If you read this book I would love to know what your thoughts are….


  1. Looks like another lovely book. Have ordered it - can be a present for DH, because it's his kind of thing!

  2. Incredible how quick you progress! As regards the ecology cloth, I absolutely agree with you, and same for not making an applique border. I love Gwen Maston quilts but do not own any book from her. I think I may order this one. Thanks for the idea!

  3. You're wise to quit! A "just plain" nine-patch has it own beauty. It could be a good practice piece for machine-quilting.

  4. I have this book in my cart, but had wavered. Should I reconsider?
    I'm with you on the ecology cloth ~ nice look, but nothing into which I'd put extra time and effort. Your top is looking lovely, are those littles on the side.

  5. No sense in putting all your time into an applique border that won't be around for awhile! I totally agree...

  6. Whittles has the Bella parchment (same color as muslin), which I really enjoyed using in my uncle's quilt. A few years ago, I ordered a wonderful muslin from Mary Jo's, but cannot recall the brand name. You're right though, the overall quality of muslin has gone downhill the last few years and it's better to use the Bella brand for an heirloom project. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the look of your quilt, but agree on the fabric. I use Cotton Supreme by RJR in French Vanilla for my solid cream. It needles wonderfully for hand quilting, washes great. Will have to pick up Gwen's new book. She's coming here in March next year. I have an extra bedroom..........

  8. You have made so much progress on this quilt! Ecology cloth is a new term to me. I can certainly understand why you would not want to but all the time and effort into an appliqued border.

  9. Your quilt looks good, but I'm with you. I wouldn't go crazy on this one because of the flimsy fabric. Just finish it and use it. I'm always interested in why a project becomes a UFO.

  10. Love the quilt, and I think it will be a lovely, USABLE quilt! I've used many different white/cream solids before, and have often thought they were on the flimsy side! And just knowing how much grading of seams I'll have to do to avoid the shadowing, makes me never want to use them again! But then, somehow I do, and I kick myself for doing it! LOL Next time, I'm getting that Moda fabric! Thanks!

  11. Wow great progress on your quilt top, pity about the fabric, but good excuse to make another one! Love the book cover also. Thanks for the recommendation I might just go check it out.

  12. Thanks for the info on ecology cloth, did not know it was so thin. Still love your quilt and hope you will make it with some Moda Bella with the appliqué border in future!

  13. It looks beautiful on the wall! I find it hard to restrict myself to only two fabrics but the result is always stunning.

  14. I am a huge Gwen Marston fan. I have most, if not all, of her books and this one is my favorite. I've given this book to a number of friends and they agree that this book is both inspiring and accessible - to all quilters from newbys to veterans.

  15. your time and energy and talent are worth putting into the best fabric available.
    the cover of the book is wonderful and i have found myself drawn to a simple modern look a lot lately despite my love for the reproduction pieces that will always be my mainstay . . .
    i have many of Gwen's books and have been a fan for a very long time. i'll have to take a closer look at this one when i'm at the bookstore next time.

    have a happy weekend.